Snacks Processing & Packaging Lines

We offer processing lines for snacks of different shapes.

Die-face cut pellets

The partially or fully cooked dough is forced through fancy shaped die inserts.(stars, wheels, shrimps and many others) and immediately cut by means of a rotating blade pressing against the die face

Laminated potato-based chips and pellets

Through this technology it is possible to obtain traditional flat chips, rippled chips or even fancy shapes. The precise control of the sheet thickness is very important in obtaining the maximum quality both in pelletized dry chips & wet fried products.

Tridimensional pillow pellets

These new generation snacks are becoming more and more popular.This technology ensures optimum product shape definition through the use of a precision system which controls sheet dimensions and rheological properties.

 Highly gelatinized perforated pellets

These fancy shaped pellets are uniform in thickness, generally flat, with holes on the surface. They can be produced by using a specially designed high-speed rotary cutting machine which sequentially and synchronized punches the holes and cuts the sheet to the desired shape.